Posted by: blueleafgraphics | August 28, 2008

Microsoft does it again!

Okay, so today I get an email from Microsoft letting me know that they are coming out with yet another version of Internet Explorer – #8. Not only did they tell me they were coming out with another one, they also told explained that I am to go through all of my clients sites and:

“Update your site and your customers’ sites by using the Internet Explorer 7 compatibility tag. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the compatibility knowledge base article.”

“Advise your customers of this issue and the Internet Explorer 7 compatibility tag solution.”


“Upon initial release, browsing in default Internet Explorer 8 Standards mode may cause content written for previous versions of Internet Explorer to display differently than intended. To enable existing content to display as expected, Microsoft is providing a compatibility tag that you can add to sites that might be affected. This tag instructs Internet Explorer 8 to display site content as if it were in Internet Explorer 7. This option helps ensure that existing content will continue to display seamlessly in Internet Explorer 8 without requiring any additional code changes.”

So basically Microsoft is falling short once again in the web design world and we all have to pay for it. I don’t understand why they just can’t get it right. What is so difficult about designing a browser that is compatible with todays design standards?

The really disappointing factor for me is, I am, like every other web designer out there, going to have to contact all my clients, let them know of Microsoft’s big mess up, and go through their sites to make sure that they are compatible with this new browser.

Unfortunately, we all know, MS will make this browser a mandatory security release for windows update and unsuspecting customers will all of a sudden be viewing the web through a browser that does show sites like they have been designed – all because someone in R&D got lazy.

I personally feel that my clients should send the bill to Microsoft and Microsoft should not release the browser until they have fixed the issue!!!!

Microsoft – once again you disappoint me, my customers and the rest of the web design world.

Shame on You!!!!!!!!!!!


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